Park building, green area management

Turning our living environment into something even more beautiful by gardening is one of the most ancient and most rewarding professions out there. A true garden builder dreams up and then creates surroundings that allow us to regenerate and forget about the hustle and bustle of our daily routines.

Our activities include building and maintaining private gardens and green areas for housing estates, local governments, companies and stores. In recent years, our associates have gained tremendous experience in building custom gardens for private individuals and housing estates, creating green rooftops and various green areas for office buildings, malls and industrial parks.

We are usually commissioned not only for landscaping and green area construction but maintenance, too. These rewarding, complex assignments require proper logistics and coordination, precision in organizing, and also speed and flexibility on part of our colleagues. We provide counselling with regard to the desired green surfaces, supply the designs, implement the projects with a guarantee and maintain the installments properly in a complex manner.

Our related services:

- landscaping, earthworks
- designing garden facilities
- building ponds
- preparatory clearing
- installing irrigation systems
- planting
- creating lawns
- ordering and installing gardening equipment
- creating green rooftops



Arborétum Housing Estate (website)
park building


LIDL Stores (website)
(multiple locations)
park building


Kisfaludy Building
green rooftop


SZMT Office Building
green rooftop


MALOM Mall (website)
green rooftop

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