Parkland management

Among the parklands in our care, Csalános Parkland is of high priority and has a long history. It was originally built by local high school students in the 1960s and turned into Kecskemét's first parkland in 1975. Draining the marshland of the central areas we created a lake in 1978, which still is a favorite destination for those enjoying walks in nature. The park currently covers 68 hectares and features numerous tree types including sycamores, maples, poplars, pines, acacias and a small number of ash trees, birches and sallows.

We have turned the parkland into a hiking destination with benches, tables, fireplaces and rain shelters for those who love and tryand protect nature.

The parkland is home to several events every year including the Future of Europe International Childrenand Youth Meeting held in Kecskemét every other year.

Our associates carry out their duties in accordance with our strict regulations. The nature of the parkland does not allow for traditional tree farming in the area. Our mission is to preserve this unique recreational area for the town of Kecskemét and upgrade its facilities as we can so that those in pursuit of recreation can find what they are looking for.

As for parkland maintainance, among our major references we can list not only Csalános Parkland but the Millionth Hectare Parkland in Kecskemét also.


Csalános Parkland (website)
parkland maintainance


Millionth Hectare Parkland
parkland maintainance

Opening hours

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